A Pair Of Miners

Another player of minecraft with a handy camera and a trustworthy friend in the Usual Spot 2.0 Server!

Me, Ventus, and my friend Aqua travel the worlds of minecraftia as well as build our own in the square universe that we adventure.

You can contact me at Sakiisa@apairofminers.cz.cc ;D

So, hi guys, a bit of an update over here.

In case you don’t remember/know who this is, I’m Aqua, the other half of “a pair of miners”, a minecraft tumblog. You might also know me from my personal MC tumblr, SquareScapes. Usually, Ven is the one who posts here but yeah… We’re both kinda busy at the moment, as the both of us will be taking our A Levels soon. Also, we’ve been kinda playing other games at the side this entire time…

But don’t worry! We haven’t lost interest in MC, we’re just taking a break is all. A somewhat lengthy break… But a break nonetheless, so we will be back. =)

So, while you’re waiting, here’s a recent screenshot I took today. :) Hope you guys are doing well.
Stay healthy, be happy, fight creepers.


Aqua. :) 


‘just some guys’ made in garry’s mod by incongrousinquiry

(via skylightgarden)

Multiplayer: The Usual Spot 2.0

Texture Pack: GeruDoku

A shine of hope in the dark ^^

Multiplayer: The Usual Spot 2.0

Texture Pack: Dokucraft Dark

Mech142 was showing me the “Power Tower” which would soon provide energy for his entire city…. steampunk man…


Single Player World: Stepping stones for giants.

Multiplayer: The Usual Spot 2.0

Texture Pack: Quandary

The Market world is almost open! 8D

Mistral City was a great choice for a market world ^^

Soon we can buy all da cubes to our hearts content to build our WORLD! 8DDD


Multiplayer: The Usual Spot 2.0

Texture Pack: Quandary

I started mapping out the area around my guild ^^

Looks like I won’t get lost as often :D

But I kept bumping into trees while mapping this out >w<


World: Untitled (Singleplayer)

Ven came over to my house today and did some of his crazy awesome stuff to my laptop and now, I’m playing minecraft on fancy, smooth lighting and render distance far. Lag? What is that? I don’t know. xD

So, we made a new Singeplayer world to test it out. We found 23 pumpkins near spawn, a wolf and this.

What is this, I can’t even. xD

No special seeds, no mods, nothing. The Mother Nature of Minecraft is amazing.

I can do the techy stuff but no way do I have the ability to find what my dear Aqua does ^^